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How to Earn Great Money Using Your Laptop

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Earn great money using your laptop.  Hello, please let me introduce  myself to you.  My name is Sheila and I am an ordinary, average housewife aged 44 leading an ordinary and quite happy life. Some may have looked on from a distance and wondered how happy I was and if they had asked me I could have honestly told them that my marriage was working well,  my kids were and still are terrific and I had friends and hobbies I treasured.   The things I was not totally happy about were the same with most people I knew and I had learnt to more or less just accept that nobody's life is perfect.  Until one day, quite by chance, I was online - as I so often am - and I spotted something which really intrigued me. It was an article about a lady who had become one of the only self employed advice columnists and agony aunts in the World.  This fascinated me because I had always thought I was a very sensible and Worldly wise person who could give good advice to those who were suffering or trying to make decisions.   

The article said a lot about how this lady had set this up and how this had grown and grown and become busier and busier and she now offers a Worldwide service to anyone needing such help. But the bit that truly gripped me was that because she had become so very busy she needed staff to help her to reply to the many indecisive and needy people who contacted her for help and I only had to apply to her through her site and prove that I was capable of it to be offered a job with her!  Wow.  It is a well paid position and it is interesting and it seemed that I was perfect as I had a laptop and had the right sort of determination and skills and spare time.  Some of the others are younger than me some older and some male but none of us had done such work before - we just proved we could do it.

There are a lot of so called opportunities online that ask you for money or promise you something pie in the sky but this did not ask for money at all and the lady is a well respected and highly qualified professional not a con man who knocks together a website purely for gain.

So with nothing to lose I went for it!   And this is what changed my life.  I am now proud to be able to say that I am one of her team of dedicated advisors.   And her team are truly awesome.  It is not everyone who can change someone's life and help them to aspire to be happy.

My husband is fine with it and so are my lovely kids -  as I am still at home and still giving them lots of love, cuddles and attention.  Their dinner is still on the table at the right time, their ironing done,  their  house spotless, so they do not miss out on a thing, but they do gain because now I am happier and more sparkly and we have a lot more spending money.

If YOU are the sort of person who has some spare time and access to a computer and you have a lot of common sense and Worldly knowledge why not look into it for yourself?

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